Sunday, October 24, 2010

Wow I can't believe it's been a year since I've written. We celebrated our 9th anniversary on 10-20-2010. It is good to look back on this past year and the past couple of months and see the work the Lord is doing. He has stirred us to prayer. Sometimes it is hard because it takes time and energy. But knowing that we can not look at ourselves but lift up friends and family, especially ones who don't personally know Jesus. We keep knocking and asking the Father. I will continue to ask the Father until they come to know you Lord, even if it is after we pass, may they be with you forever in eternity.

What has happened this past year:

-L finished Kindergarten, learned to ride her bike all by herself this past summer. Lost some of her teeth, as of today we are at number 5. Now in First grade she is reading, learning to balance chores, with homework, sparks, and ballet. She is very helpful in the kitchen. She is also spending more time with her Grandma which has been really special.

-R has grown so much this past year, she grew out of her afternoon nap, got a big girl bed, and is growing so much in coloring, drawing, and painting. She has a love of God's creation that inlvoves gardening and flowers just like her mom. In August she started her first class called creative movement. She loves to be a helper in the kitchen like L, but especially likes cleaning the dishes.

They both have gone up to the farm at Grandma & Grandpa's house. They have learned so much about farming corn and beans. They have learned what harvest means and all the hard work farmers puts in. We have definitely had more of a specifically set apart time called family nights. We would go on bike rides, play at the playground, play board games etc. The most recent family weekend was when we went camping with our home fellowship, then spent the day canoeing, walking the trails, enjoying all the colorful trees, and participated in an outreach as a family. This was just a taste of what we've done this past year. I guess I need to write more so we can remember the special memories we've been making. Pray I have the time to. :)


  1. What a fun update! Thanks, Casey!

  2. O.K. Did I know you had a blog??? I don't think so. I am in class learning to set up a blog and there you are???